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K-Hill Inc

 Fort Worth, Texas  817-800-4455


Prototypes ~ Models ~ 
Fabrication ~ Consulting
 Quick Molds for Silicon and Urethane parts
Auto-Cad Design 2D & 3D ~ Rapid Prototyping
 Product Development ~
Infrared Camera application solutions
 Industrial Mechanical Support Equipment
 Special Purpose Vehicle Equipment 
 Custom Electronic Controls 

Have an idea you want invented or invention you want brought to life?

                             Let K-Hill, Inc. be your solution.

Mission Implausible?  Tell us what you need.  Lets design it together.




Our Specialty is taking customers ideas and dreams and turning them into reality.

KHill, Inc has over 25 years of experience in fabrication, machining, prototypes,
models, product development and short run manufacturing. These years of
experience and expertise enable us to build many projects and prototypes
without expensive tooling.

As you tour our website you will see common sense solutions executed with
the highest quality craftsmanship. These current & past products represent a
small scope of our diverse capabilities.







Important Note:

Before you discuss your ideas with anyone other than your patent attorney,
you should always execute a Mutual Non Disclosure Non Compete Agreement.
You are welcome to print the free attached PDF,
Fill in the information have both parties sign and date originals for each Party.
     Unsure about the process call Ken Hill at:

                                    817-800-4455 or email ken@khill.com

More products and concepts you have been asking us about are now available.
Visit our sewing, embroidery and quilting division