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    K-Hill Inc

          Fort Worth, Texas   phone 817-800-4455 cell

Got an idea you want invented?


~ Prototypes  ~  Models  ~  Fabrication  ~  Design ~ Auto-Cad

~ Product Development

Infrared Camera application solutions

~ Industrial Mechanical Support Equipment

~ Special Purpose Vehicle Equipment
~ Custom Electronic Controls 
Our company has over 30 years of experience in fabrication, machining, prototypes,
models, product development, and short run manufacturing. Our specialty is taking
customers ideas and dreams and turning them into reality.  T
he following pages show
current products, and many past projects
representing a scope of our diverse capabilities.

If the following paragraph sounds familiar, K-Hill, Inc. may be your solution.

In this new millennium companies are being merged, downsized, twisted and molded
into new organizations.  Many entire departments are eliminated, only to find a project
without a home.  Mergers have doubled the workload on departments that cannot
afford the manpower to take on another project. 

Mission Implausible?    Tell us what you need.  Lets design it together.

contact Ken@khill.com or call 817-831-3011 phone or 817-800-4455 cell

More products and concepts you have been asking us about are now available.
Visit our new sewing, embroidery and quilting division www.econceptmall.com