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Custom Designed for the customer                                    

Mission Implausible?  Tell us what you need.  Lets design it together.

Regulation football referees cap was outfitted with a miniature microwave transmitter
antenna, battery pack and camera.  The camera cap at point of play sends great
pictures back to an operator guided  receiving antenna.

Camera Magazine developed to manage a 100 ft. daylight load of 35mm film.
800 full frame or 1600 Cine frame photos with counter, winder and battery pack.
 Signal to wind came from the hot shoe.

Ask us we probably can build it.  

Spider ROAD TRIP.JPG (316280 bytes) Spider set up.jpg (267714 bytes)Spider Painting 1.jpg (305649 bytes)Spider Painting 2.jpg (364124 bytes)Spider.jpg (32176 bytes)

This 30 ft. spider was built for a children's book illustrators home.  He is well known for 
"unusual" at his home each Halloween .

To see a larger view of an item just click on the picture.  Each picture should load quickly.

Our customer Five Star Default Conference and  Expo in Dallas, Texas needed an exact replica of a NFL signature  football for the 2010 "Team Innovation" line-up. During the conference the football was displayed in the lobby of the downtown Dallas Sheraton Hotel.
This 6" replica football and custom kicking tee was designed and built in Fort Worth, Texas by
K-Hill, Inc..

  Ignite Imaging did an excellent  job with their logo to scale.

Do you have a special project?  Contact us, we can
Turn your Concept  into Reality.