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                                Portable Gyro Stabilized Infrared Camera with GPS  
                  The SkyPack places money saving options right in your lap!


   SkyPack Kit
 Developed by K-Hill, Inc. for airborne or ground applications requiring infrared and visible light cameras. This product has proven to have tremendous capability at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Applications are many, such as, search and rescue, forest service, law enforcement and military or thermography work on distribution and power transmission lines of electrical utility providers.

Gyro System: The SkyPack is totally portable and can be battery operated. This unit does not attach to the airframe and does not require FAA certifications. The advanced gyro system takes out the big bumps while precise pan tilt controls provide good image. 

IR Camera & Lenses: SkyPack comes standard with a high-resolution thermally stable infrared camera operating from 8 to 12 microns. Several lenses are available from 18 MM to 100 MM. to 100 mm, and optical 2X digital. The dovetail mounting system allows mounting the camera head to either end of the control box so that SkyPack can be operated from the left or right side of an aircraft. Many helicopters and airplanes have a photo window that accommodate the use of the SkyPack with the door closed, however, most helicopters are rated to fly with the doors off or open at slightly reduced speeds .

Monitor: SkyPack’s video image is displayed on a 6.4-inch flat screen monitor mounted in the control box. The monitor also displays time, date, longitude, latitude, record status, and end of tape status at five minutes and less. The adjustable monitor and mounting bracket may be removed from control box and mounted in remote locations. 

Joystick: The small precision joystick module can be mounted on the left or right side of the control
box accommodating left and right-handed operators. A similar module equipped with lens focus, cameras gain, level, and polarity may be mounted opposite the joystick module.

Recorder: The video signal is recorded on a digital 8 recorder that offers crystal clear freeze frame,
and a 50% after the fact "zoom in" feature. The video recorder will record audio notes from a lapel mike or various intercom and headset arrangements. 
GPS:  The SkyPack has a small Global Position System (GPS) antenna with a soft clamp. A short cable connects to the control box and the clamp quickly attaches the antenna to the window or door opening. 
Portable: This system can be operated from a persons lap as a single unit; however, the modular design allows many arrangements. In non-aircraft applications the pan and tilt head can be mounted in remote locations on any stable platform with the quick attaching dovetail mount. The monitor, joystick module and camera controls can be remotely located with optional extension cables and easily
mounted with simple brackets.
Battery: SkyPack’s battery pack will provide many hours of operation, however, the unit can be connected to auxiliary power from 12 to 28 VDC. Various pan and tilt camera head arrangements are available with and with out gyros. The standard head pans180°  and tilts 90°with optional head panning up to 360°.

SkyPack’s on board training video will have your staff up to speed and in service in a few short minutes. 

contact Ken Hill at:817-800-4455 or  email ken@khill.com    

          IR SkyPack
                                    Fort Worth, Texas  contact Ken Hill  phone 817-800-4455 cell 

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