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 Vehicle Pan & Tilt PT 2000
                                  Fort Worth, Texas  contact Ken Hill or call  817-800-4455 cell




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 The PT2000 can be mounted on most any stable platform.  A brisk 360 degrees of pan
in 6 seconds and more than 100 degrees tilt in less that 3 seconds. 12 volts DC or 
120 volts AC will operate the unit, however the 120 volt inverter is more desirable. An 
optional high quality sine wave inverter is available and useful for many components 
in the truck. The Cameras are mounted in an  "easy to remove" aluminum instrument
enclosure that has ample space for a full size IR camera, a visible light video camera 
with zoom and focus, and a remote operated digital still camera. The camera and joystick
controller are small enough to sit in you lap or position at a workstation. 
    The truck installation offers quick deployment of the equipment while maintaining a 
controlled environment for the operators. There are several  options available in the 
instrument box for cameras and accessories. The box has a support ring for the 7 
degree lens, and a counterweight kit to maintain correct balance, that insures long life 
for the servo in charge of tilt. The rear lid will open and remove  for easy access to cameras. 
The IR camera is on dovetail sliding clamp arrangement that allows the camera to move
fore and aft,  again allowing the camera to be balanced in the box depending which lens
is attached. There is ample room for high quality video spotting cameras with zoom and 
focus lens. If you choose a spotting camera that will gen-lock or receive a sync signal from
another video source our optional video mixer will switch or blend images on one video
monitor.  A main platform  in the box is mounted to four instrument shock mounts to 
protect you investment in cameras and lenses. 
contact Ken Hill at: 817-800-4455 or  email ken@khill.com    


PT 2000 a vehicle mounted Pan and Tilt System developed for
Infrared Thermography Cameras.

Continuous 360 of Pan, 100 of Tilt, quick detach camera enclosure, and visible light camera with 25 X optical zoom with 12 X digital.

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