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contact                                Fort Worth, Texas  contact Ken Hill 817-800-4455 cell

 Custom external Plasma Screen modular insert system for promotional marketing show-bus.  Pasma Screen in side of Show Bus   Quick access for potential hazardous spill cleanupTruck Trailer Spill Kit Rack

Custom deveoped and designed machine controller for OEM.Custom Machine Controller                Custom Camera trolley rail system for smooth linier shooting.Football Stadium Camera rail system

Custom large capacity motorized magazine for film camera. Motorized Camera Magazine              Custom enclosure to withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees. IR Camera Enclosure

Custom 360 degree, 8 camera, mirror mount.Eight Camera Array                               Custom communication patch bay for mobile applicationj.Patch Bay Panel

Self contained miniture IR camera eyeglass system.Custom Headgear                                 Gyro stabilized camera recording system. Gyro Stabilized Camera on Motorcycles

Stainless Irrigation Pump cage            Custom digital recording system for large IR Laboratory Camera and battery shoulder mount systemHand held Camera System

Shock mount plate                                 Custom Controller with LCD readout

contact Ken@khill.com or call  817-800-4455 cell