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Z-Jib Specs.

                                (Also known as the Zero Gravity Boom Arm)  





patent 1991 by K-hill, Inc.









Several configurations are possible with this unique boom arm. 
          Absolute height is determined by the accessories, setup and rigging.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit 1- Fluid-like moves, while rotating 360 degrees. 

  • Benefit 2- Set up time approximately 20 minutes.

            NEW AGENT "Korea"  
    We take pride in announcing:
    Alex Yun , NEXGEM Inc. as our Korea agent for the Z-Jib.
    P 408-324-1651
    C 408-209-5353

  • Benefit 3- Mounts to most solid platforms.

  • Benefit 4- Strategically located around the world.

 Ken Hill of K-Hill, Inc. developed and patented the Z-Jib. The first rental in April 1991 was a National TV Spot.
That successful two-day shoot was just the beginning. Because of the diversity, and zero gravity ease of operation,
the Z-Jib has been the preferred jib arm in making hundreds of movies, videos and thousands of commercials.
 (formerly known as the Zero Gravity Boom Arm) it was quickly dubbed "The Z-JIB" by the film industry.

 The first Z-Jib (serial #1) was placed into rental service at Mobile Production Services in Dallas, Texas May 1991.
 In 1997 "old #1" was refurbished and sent to  Innovision Optics in Santa Monica, Ca. to increase their Z-Jib inventory,
enabling them to take care of their increasing  Z-Jib rentals.

 We celebrate our 22 successful year with Z-Jibs located strategically around the world because you the customer 
have made it the ultimate jib arm for the ultimate shooter.

       Unlimited Z-Jib

contact Ken Hill at: 817-800-4455  phone or  email ken@khill.com