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PT 2000 Photos
Fort Worth, Texas  contact Ken Hill  817-800-4455 cell



                                        Continuous 360 pan  90+tilt                              

 image010.jpg (20207 bytes)

     image008.jpg (64782 bytes)                    
                                                      Aluminum enclosure has dovetail quick release



                                                   Optical lens mount for cameras

                                                                                        Highimage006.jpg (8103 bytes) visible light camera
                                                                                                        with remote zoom and auto focus.


                                                     The small controller is easily
                                                     placed on your lap or on a 
                                                     work station table inside  your vehicle.


                                                      Workstations designed to customers needs.

image005.jpg (43125 bytes)                        image007.jpg (20747 bytes)

 image015.jpg (66992 bytes)


contact Ken Hill at: 817-800-4455 or  email ken@khill.com     


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