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Film Equipment 

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The equipment shown below is just a touch on the variety of custom work
made for the film industry to specific requirements by K-Hill, Inc.

Z - Jib
z jib pic 1.jpg (33394 bytes)The Z-Jib (also known as Zero Gravity Boom Arm) designed, manufactured and patented 
 by K-Hill, Inc. was developed for full size movie cameras. It offers smooth fluid like moves
 in any direction, unlike most other Jib Arms which move only in an ark direction.  It has 
done thousands of TV Commercials and movies. See Z-Jib Agents for Rental Companies,
locations, and specifications.


Innovision Optics, known for game-changing optical and moving camera devices,
announces the debut of the new KamTrax vertical and horizontal camera slider.
KamTrax is the first slider on the market to provide weightless vertical track camera movement,
and will be on display for demonstration in the Innovision Optics booth at the
Cine Gear Expo Hollywood 2011,The Studios at Paramount Hollywood Ca.


                                 Kantrax on UTUBE


A - Jib
a jib pic 2.jpg (43569 bytes)The A-Jib was developed for the Motion Picture Film Industry.  It is very strong and easy to set up.
 It uses standard barbells for counter weights. See Agents page for Rental Companies and locations.

Headset.jpg (29726 bytes)For ease and mobility this headset was designed to complement the Z-Jib. It offers B/W Image 
headset 2.gif (41576 bytes)an adjustable ocular. The Battery Belt Pack has an on/off switch, a  BNC connector on the
 Belt Pack for incoming NTSC signal and 
convenient phone handset cord connects the belt pack to the headset
which will adjust to either eye.


 Screw Driven Wedge Plate
wedge plate 2.jpg (29643 bytes)Wedge Plate are developed for Rental Companies in the Film Industry. The Wedge Plate can
handle heavy film camera packages and has a unique two speed handle.
It is for static film adjustment.

Follow Focus       
follow focus.jpg (45056 bytes)Lightweight products were developed for handholding medium to small film cameras.

  They are relative
hand held follow focus.jpg (40680 bytes)ly inexpensive and easy to use.


Custom Tractor Trailer Modifications
Tractor Trailer Rigging.jpg (23958 bytes)
Tractor Trailer Rig were outfitted with custom equipment. Cable Reels,
equipment racks, articulated counterweighted porch and stairs. These and
similar modifications are necessary in transporting lighting and grip equipments
to location shoots in the feature movie industry.


Custom DesignCustom Cab mod 2.jpg 
(48976 bytes)Custom Cab mod.jpg (40315 bytes)
This Cab and Chassis is outfitted with a custom body for handling large movie
cranes. Complete with Light Weight Aluminum Ramps, Wench and Boom Arm Docking Rack.






  call Ken Hill at  817-800-4455 cell